Facebook Advertising Company In Sacramento

Published on: December 29, 2016

Facebook advertising has quickly become the newest and least expensive way to drive new client leads at a much more affordable cost than the recent past.  Facebook allows us to go after a specific target audience, in any geographical configuration, targeting household incomes, families, age groups and many other traits that your target audience consists of.  There are many tricks of the trade that we use to lower the cost-per-click (Optimization of the Campaign) and increase the amount of leads it generates. Facebook has the most highly defined target audiences compared to any other forms of advertising.  This ability to highly target a very specific audience is partially the reason why it works so well and Facebook‘s stock reflects the success that business owners are seeing with their advertising:

Facebook Advertising Company In Sacramento CA


The second reason Facebook advertising works so well is that the Ads are seen at the right time for each potential new client.  People only get on Facebook when they are not busy and thus are more receptive to your message (your Ads).

Facebook Website Retargeting 
Facebook Website Retargeting works just like Website Retargeting with the exception that the Ads show up in the potential clients Facebook Feed vs. other places on the Internet.  This product works extremely well because you are showing the Ads to people who showed intent to buy from you and they are seeing the Ads when they have nothing else to do, at that exact moment in time, but check out Facebook.  Timing is everything when it comes to effective advertising.  Being able to put Ads in front of someone at those brief moments in time that they have downtime, in their day, is very powerful.  Here is a quick video on how it works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tRQwH6NW3M.  You might also consider buying separate website retargeting campaigns for different services or products.  Although it does double the cost, it would allow us to show more relevant Ads to potential clients who are in the market for a specific product or service.
So let’s say you own an Auto Repair Shop and you offer all of the standard services.  If you only have one Facebook Retargeting campaign, then you will need to show Ads that showcase all of your services because you don’t know what the potential client is looking for.  However, if you had one Facebook Website Retargeting campaign for Brake Service and another one for Muffler Repair, you can then show Retargeting Ads for Brake Service to people who were on your website looking for Brake Service and show Retargeting Ads for Muffler Repair to the people interested in Muffler Repair.  So the bottom line is that you can show more relevant Ads to what the client is looking for by having multiple Retargeting Campaigns.
Sacramento Internet Marketing Agency is a Preferred Facebook Agent which means that we do enough business with Facebook to have our own Facebook account rep.  That may not sound like a big deal, but it is on so many different levels that benefit our clients.  Next time someone tells you they do Facebook Advertising, ask them if they have a dedicated Facebook rep to call for optimization, suggestions, campaign problems, information, competitive information etc.  There are very few companies that have this distinction.