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I am committed to your success, after all it’s my reputation on the line!

Sacramento Internet Marketing Agency is an incorporated company that is located in Fair Oaks, CA. The President, Matt Lopez, has been helping businesses grow since 1996.  Although we help our clients in many different ways, our core competency is helping businesses with their advertising in Internet Marketing, Website Development, SEO, TV, Radio, Yellow Pages, Direct Mail and Print Advertising. Matt has invested and committed his career to assisting small to medium businesses with increasing their profits through the right mix of advertising products. I started SIMA because I was tired of working for large companies that truly did not have the customers and employees best interest as a core value. I am local, I am an Online Marketing expert, professional and am committed to your success because a long-term relationship is what I want to have with you. “Who You Hire Matters!”

Top five reasons

Here are the top five reasons you should consider hiring us as your online marketing partner…


I am the owner, which means customer satisfaction is required for my company’s success and paycheck. This creates a real team atmosphere, between the client and myself. Several reliable studies indicate that, on average, employee-owned firms perform substantially better than non-employee owned firms when ownership is combined with employee day-to-day duties. Conversely, most of our competitors have non-owner employees which means the person building and managing your online marketing campaign gets paid by the hour whether or not you are happy with the performance of your marketing campaign. So if they are paid by the hour or salary they could possible care less if a client is happy, they still get a paycheck. In fact, for the hourly employee they often see a customer cancellation as “good, that is less work for me and I still get paid my hourly wage.” Without ownership their is often no responsibility to perform. Take a look at my online reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and BBB and then compare them to my competitors.


I am committed to ensuring that I only work with around 25 clients at any one time. Most of our competitors have the actual person running your campaign (behind the scenes) managing 60 to 120 clients at any one time which makes it impossible to give world-class service and pay attention to daily proactive adjustments that need to be made in a successful internet marketing campaign for optimization. The reality is that if you have over 30 clients, your whole day is spent putting out fires and working purely on a reactive basis vs proactive basis. When you have the time to work proactively it allows you to optimize a campaign and produce significantly better campaign results.


I am committed to spending in-person time with each of my clients 2 to 4 times a month to discuss the progress of the marketing strategy and then make the necessary adjustments for continued optimal success. Understanding your business and combining it with my knowledge and experience is a winning formula. Most of my competitors consider you lucky when you get to talk with them over the telephone once a month or quarter. Understanding your business requires developing a strong relationship with you and your business. Feel free to call my clients and ask them what it is like to work with Matt Lopez. Most likely you will hear that I am not their online marketing vendor but rather their online marketing partner and friend.


I believe that our clients should be committed to working with me based on performance results, not because you signed a long-term contract with me. Therefore, I do not require long term agreements and my cancellation policy only requires a 30 day notice. Most of my competitors only offer 6 month contracts as their minimum terms. These are the same companies that you never hear from until it is time to renew your contract with them.


I believe that when you hire me, I should be loyal to your business and do the right thing. When you hire Sacramento Internet Marketing Agency I agree not to take on any of your direct competitors as clients in your geographical target area. After all, shouldn’t your Online Marketing company be focused on your company beating out the competition vs. selling them and make them their customer? Most of our competitors do not offer a non-compete agreement and go to great strides to hide the fact that they are not really interested in putting your business in a dominating position online but rather just selling you and your competitors and then telling both of you that you are #1.