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GEO Fence Targeting Advertising

Imagine drawing a perimeter on map that targets potential customers for you to advertise directly to. You could be serving your ads to all the people in a convention center. People who came across the country to discuss an industry serviced by your business. Or a medical building, university, or
restaurant staffed with people who need options for purchasing supplies.

Geo Fencing, Geo Audience and Geo Retargeting are the most common forms of Geo Advertising and using Video as the content is now the most effective way to deliver the content.

Why Should You Use Me?

In regards to my Geo Fence Targeting online marketing products vs other companies like AdRoll, mine has more SSP’s (supply side partners), more PMP’s (private marketplace deals), more DMP’s (data management platforms) and more scale to deliver better results.

I have over 2,000 PMP deals and over 100 SSP’s along with over 15 DMP’s integrated for enhanced performance. My system is all managed service and you will see enhance performances as I have access to a lot more and I am able to outperform self serve platforms like AdRoll, pretty drastically.