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Logo Design

When potential clients see your branding (your companies logo) do they think “Dang, that looks good”? Is your company logo worth remembering? Does it stand out from your competitors? Does it make a statement like “We pay attention to the details”? Does your logo attract the type of client you want?

Unfortunately, all to often a companies logo (image) is what turns a potential client away. If your company is looking for clients that want high quality and good customer service vs. price shoppers, then you need to make sure your Logo portrays that image. When a potential new customer is looking at your website and logo, that is their first impression and image of your company. Their image of your company tells them what the quality of work that you would be providing them. Yes, image is everything and details do matter!

If you would like to improve your companies image and attract the right type of clients, call Sacramento Internet Marketing Agency and we will provide you with 5 different Logo Designs to pick from with multiple revision.  The price starts at $500 and up depending on what you would want developed.

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