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Keyword Targeting

Keyword Targeting shows your Display or Video Ad to people who Search your keywords like “Like Plumber in Sacramento” OR visit website pages that have that keyword.  When a potential customer Searches for one of your keywords on a Search Engine like Google, your Ad could be shown on the webpage they pick.  Keyword Targeting puts your Display Ad in front of people as they are looking at your competitor and/or while they are comparison shopping.  Just remember that 98% of people shopping online do not pick the first company they see.

At least 45% of Online Searches do not start with a Keyword Search on Google, Yahoo or Bing, but rather on a specific website where people are looking for information about a product or service.  This is where Google Adwords does not capture this section of the market.  Many years ago Online Display Advertising surpassed Google Adwords and this is one of the many reasons Keyword Targeting is quickly becoming one the common online marketing products being added to Businesses overall monthly marketing plan.

Don’t get me wrong, if you are an HVAC, Law Firm or Roofing company you should still be doing Google Adwords because you are putting an Ad right where someone looks at the exact moment in time they are ready to buy.  However, if you are in an industry in which people take their time (longer buying cycle) and do online research before picking a company, Keyword Targeting is a must have!

Keyword Targeting works when a person searches a keyword on Google, Yahoo, Bing or any Search Engine.  Once the person clicks on a result it takes them to a website page, if it has an Ad widget, your display ad could be shown on that specific page. In addition, if someone just goes directly to a specific website page and it contains the Keywords you are targeting, your Ad could also be delivered.

This is the perfect online marketing product to ADD to Google Adwords because you get to be on relevant industry websites, where the potential customer is doing research, and show them a Display Ad creating an image and branding of your company.  At a cost of only $600/month per 100,000 Impressions, it is a no brainer for some industries!